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If you want to preserve the original color...
Ipe is naturally a very beautiful hardwood. Remember that the original color of all woods will gray out with time when placed in outdoor environments and exposed to ultra violet rays (UV). This is a function of UV light bleaching the wood over time.
If you want to preserve the original color of our Ipe, we recommend a simple application of Penofin Verde be applied once the original finish begins to lighten in color somewhat (1-2 months depending on your regional weather). Following this treatment, we recommend that Penofin Verde be applied once per season (table tops and other horizontal surfaces may require a second application). Remember that the wood surface needs to be clean and completely dry before applying the Penofin Verde. Depending on weather conditions, a single application of Penofin Verde should be dry to touch and ready to use within 24-48 hours.

For the no-maintenance weathered look...
Jensen Ipe furniture can be left outside all year long,in any conditions, and remain functional for generations to come with no maintenance whatsoever (cushions should be kept indoors during inclement weather).
However, wood is a natural material subject to changes in the environment. The look and feel of natural wood is part of the appeal of owning wood garden furniture. Although Ipe is naturally stable, small checks in the wood surface may appear if the furniture is placed in dry or sunny environments. Superficial checking in no way affects the structural integrity and longevity of your furniture. In full sun, Ipe will naturally- weather to a grayish-silver color