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Teak Patio Furniture
Teakwood has inherent characteristics making it a superior choice for outdoor furniture. Natural oils present within the wood achieve a highly water and pest resistant product. Thick fibers and tight grain give teak its strength and make it easy to sculpt into unique furnishings. Teaks pleasing colors range from bright golds to brownish red and when exposed to sunlight will patina to a silvery-grey finish. Porch and Patio Casual offers the areas largest selection of quality teak outdoor furniture. We bring you only grade A teak from two of the best manufacturers, Kingsley Bate and Royal Teak.
Kingsley Bate Royal Teak
Kingsley Bate Teak Furniture is one of the premiere manufacturers of outdoor teak furniture, using only the select cuts of this hard, strong, weather resistant wood.

Royal Teak Furniture uses only stainless steel hardware, and the high content of oil in their Teak, protects the furniture for a lifetime of enjoyment.