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Telescope Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) Outdoor Furniture

  • Adirondack Sling Collection

    The Telescope MGP Adirondack Sling Collection gives you the traditional adirondack experience combined with a much more comfortable sling seat.
  • Belle Island Seating Collection

    The Telescope MGP Belle Island Seating Collection, available in many different colors, is very versatile, it easily lends itself to traditional or contemporary looks.
  • St Catherine Dining Collection

    The Telescope St Catherine Dining Collection sports curved wide MGP arms and is available in many different frame and sling colors.
  • St Catherine Seating Collection

    The Telescope St Catherine Seating Collection, with its extra plush cushions, is available in hundreds of different fabric colors and patters.
  • Leeward Dining Collection

    The Telescope Casual Leeward Collection is a classic comfortable collection combining high tech shipbuilder material with Telescope's awesome sling selection.
  • Leeward Seating Collection

    The Telescope Leeward Deep Seating Collection combining high quality Marine Grade Polymer with extra deep plush cushions equals optimal comfort.